You know it’s a frosty morning when…

… your husband wakes you up, not with a “good morning”, but with “I need a cardigan”.

My uncaffienated brain tries to reconcile this statement with the fact that Dan hates cardigans and is always overheating. In response to my muffled, groggy request for clarification from under the covers, he said “you know, a smoking jacket with patches on the elbows – for around the house”.

Now this totally threw me. Elbow patches do not mesh with the image of the Thurston Howell III red velvet number that immediately springs to mind. It took a minute or so to sink in that he was talking about a late 60s chunky shawl-collared cardigan with leather patches.

Well, I’m quasi-awake by this point – mentally doing an inventory of the chunky wool stash and trying to remember which magazine in her extensive library has that pattern.

I mumble something about stripes and Lopi.


Apparently, it doesn’t take a cold day in Hell him to get him into a cardigan, simply a frigid October morning on our 5th floor balcony.

I’ll go have a rummage through the stash later and see what I can come up with.

* * * * *

Now that I have a steaming mug of coffee beside me and motor skills returning to my extremities, I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been working on this week.

Building duties have been keeping me busy, but I’ve still somehow managed to finish a couple of pairs of socks:

Hidden Hearts

Hidden Heart Socks - Complete

This photo shows the actual colour:

Hidden Heart Socks - Sock #1 Done

Pattern: Hidden Hearts by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, P818183; Broder Medicis 2-ply lace, Midnight Blue (held double)
Needles: 2.25mm

You’ll notice that these socks actually have a short-row heel – not my favorite heel, but the lace pattern is stretchy enough that it does accommodate my high instep. I had been going to change the heel, but decided to keep to the pattern instead of driving myself crazy.

Other than lengthening the toe to 3″, the only other modification I made to the pattern was to do a twisted rib (K1tbl, P1) instead of the regular 1×1.

The colours remind me of African violets – gorgeous. 🙂

The other pair I whipped off sprang from a “What the heck am I going to do with you?” moment with a big ball of partially felted, variegated Lopi-ish wool from a frogged thriftstore scarf (originally purchased for my Vintage Vertical Stripe Afghan project, but the variegation looked weird.)

I had been assessing potential sweater yarns in my stash and this ball just stuck out like a sore thumb. Doesn’t match any other yarns, too rough, too felted, too … hey, wait a minute… worksocks!

BadgerDan can felt a pair of socks simply by looking at them, why not make him a pair that’s already half-there? Nobody’s going to see them in his boots anyway and it gets the eyesore out of the stash.

A bit of swatching, pattern browsing and calculations later, I came up with this:

Whirling Woolly Worksocks

Whirling Woolly Worksocks

Pattern: Thuja by Bobby Ziegler
Yarn: Recycled Icelandic Wool, Variegated White/Grey
Needles: 5mm DPNs

There were definitely some changes made for gauge with these (14sts per 4″!). Ultimately, I cast on 28sts, did 2″ of ribbing, 8″ of leg, 18 rows for the heel flap and reduced to 26 sts on the foot.

Whirling Woolly Worksocks - Complete

Not the most attractive of socks, I admit – but they’ll keep the hubster’s feet warm.

Work has also been progressing on my sister’s February Lady Sweater:

I’m actually almost finished the main body right now and should be on to the sleeves later today – might actually finish it this weekend.

There is one sad realization that I had to come to last night while knitting Robin’s sweater.

I’m running out of yarn.

It looks like the body of my Zen Pullover (same yarn) will have to be sacrificed for the sleeves of the FLS.


Oh, well – it needed to be re-knit anyway.

I dug around last night and found 2 balls of really chunky cream Shetland that will work for the new body of the pullover.

New Yarn for Zen Pullover

Yep. With some 8 or 10mm needles, those should do nicely.


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  1. Love the way he woke you up. 😀

    And the heart socks are really pretty.

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