Things That Make Me Happy

On this weekend of numerous fiber festivals (Rhinebeck, Creativ Festival, etc.) that I (yet again) will not be able to attend, I have decided to focus on some simple things that bring me joy (not necessarily in this order):

1. Electric Purple Koigu Socks

Hidden Heart Socks

(It might not look it in the photo, but I do assure you that the yarn is, indeed, electric purple.)

Pattern: Hidden Hearts by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, P818183; Broder Medicis 2-ply lace, Midnight Blue
Needles: 2.25mm

I’m using the leftover laceweight yarn that I dyed for Mystic Star held doubled for the toe (elongated to 3″), heel & cuff of these socks because the colour was perfect and I only have one single gorgeous skein of the Koigu.

(Trust me, if I could’ve, I would’ve cleaned Lettuce Knit completely out of this luscious yarn.)

2. The Magic of Blocking Lace

Autumn Leaves Scarf - Blocking

The transformation of crumpled mess to gorgeous lace never ceases to amaze.

Autumn Leaves Scarf - Complete

My Autumn Leaves Scarf blocked out to about 7″ wide and 61″ long.

It also looks fantastic with my Levi’s jacket:

Autumn Leaves Scarf w/Jacket

Pattern: Feuilles by Eric Hinsch
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette, Autumn Heather; Patons Kroy 3-ply, Col. 305 (Khaki Green)
Needles: 4mm Brittany Straights

3. Trees That Match My Wardrobe

Autumn Trees from Balcony

This is the view from my 5th floor balcony. Oh, how I love this time of year!

4. Wool Blankets, Sweaters and Socks

It’s October in Ontario. See above.

5. My New Haircut

My new haircut

I feel so sophisticated. And a little like Audrey Tautou.

6. Lace & Ruffles in Chunky Yarn

There is just something deeply satisfying about knitting lace in thick wool on chunky needles.

My Solstice Stocking

My Solstice Stocking

Pattern: Ruffled Lace Christmas Stocking by Kathy North
Yarn: White Buffalo Elenka, Cream; Reynolds Lopi, Gold
Needles: 6mm DPNs
Hook: 6mm

That crocheted ruffle just cracks me up.

Solstice Stocking - Ruffle Detail

7. The Perfect Beads

I finally picked up the beads for my Wings of Horus Shawl this week – they’re #8 Miyuki beads in a matte gold colour that works incredibly well with the cotton/ramie blend yarn.

Beads for Wings of Horus

They remind me of Egyptian jewelry, which is entirely appropriate.

8. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Cookie Bars 1

I use the recipe from “Eating Gluten Free” by Shreve Stockton.

(A really good basic GF cookbook, btw. The buckwheat pancake recipe is the BEST! I just sub out the buckwheat with teff flour as it’s a no-no for me.)

9. A Place For Everything & Everything In It’s Place

Those of you who know me well, know that I abhor doing dishes and laundry. However vital, it simply takes too much of my valuable knitting time.

This week, I have actually managed to thoroughly clean & organize my kitchen, keep up with the dishes & get all of the piled-up laundry washed, dried and put away. We can actually see the floor in the bedroom – it’s positively amazing!

An uncluttered house = uncluttered mind. Or at least in theory… it sure as heck feels like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders.

10. My Wonderful Husband

Tomorrow will be BadgerDan’s and my 11th wedding anniversary and as much as I like to grumble about him, he is the love of my life.

We’ve been through quite a lot together these past years and marvel at how we’ve (a) survived and (b) haven’t killed one another yet as we are both *quite* headstrong individuals who think in very different ways. (We have been known to have some very loud arguements, only to find out afterwards that we were actually arguing the same point.)

He is the Mathematician to my Visionary, the Costello to my Abbott and the Yang to my Yin.

And even though we won’t be going out for dinner tomorrow night (we’re actually on duty this week & next while the building managers are on vacation), we *will* be cracking open the bottle of 2007 Folonari Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso in the cupboard.

I love you Honey. Have a cookie. šŸ™‚

Cookie Bars 2

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  1. Rule #32 to surviving a zombie attack: Enjoy the little things.
    I love that scarf and the the new ‘do looks great!

  2. Wow the cookies look good….yum! Thanks for the link to the cookbook šŸ™‚ I’ve been looking for a good basic gluten-free recipe book.

    Also, Happy Anniversary!

  3. I just bought your book, “Daily Coyote”, last weekend, off the bargain rack at Barnes&Noble. Just because the cover reminded me of my dog Will. He was a stray I found in Texas, & he looks like a Coyote. So far really love the book. You are a really cool person, I plan on getting your cook book to. You came into my life at a time where I need to focus on something good and positive. I have a picture of Charlie as my screen saver now,it must feel really cool to make a difference in peoples lives, people you have never even met. I may even take a knitting class. I love your autumn leaves scarf.

    • Hello Jill,

      I am very happy that you found some good and positive things to focus on when you needed them.

      I am, however, a bit confused by your comment as I am not Shreve Stockton (The author of Daily Coyote and Eating Gluten Free).

      Shreve blogs over at and I’m sure would love to hear how she helped you through a rough time in your life.

      Thank you very much for your complement on my scarf and DO take that knitting class! Knitting is a wonderful therapeutic tool and has become a great joy in my life.

      All the best,


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