New Beginnings

I had been going to title this entry “What I did on my Summer Vacation” but as we are now well into October this one seemed more fitting. These last few months have been truly manic – full speed and stop with nothing much in between.

Without getting into to too much detail, lifewise, this is what has been going on in a nutshell:

– The death of my laptop left me bereft of a computer life until BD surprised me a couple of weeks after the move with blue one of these, which I love and immediately dubbed my “Not Mac Feegle” or “Feegle” for short (So I like Terry Prachett, okay?)
– We moved to our new apartment.
– 2 days later, we began work as the Asst. Managers of the building. (Huge learning curve for me, but I’m getting the hang of it.)
– 3 family weddings (one in Victoria, BC!) and a baby shower.
– Health issues with FIL & some minor ones for both myself & BadgerDan.
– Cats ruined our 2 expensive couches, forcing us to throw them out.

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t bear mentioning. As usual, I’ve been using my craft as a coping mechanism and as such, quite a bit has flown from my hands these past 4 months. I won’t go over everything as it really seems to freak you guys out – I’ll just touch on a few of the biggies. If you want to see everything, just head over to my Ravelry page – they’re all there.

I’ll start with the stuff I left hanging from my last post.

Sock Madness Round 6 kicked my butt and I conceded defeat due to a very unfortunate yarn choice that couldn’t be allowed to live:

Fire on the Mountain Socks

EEEEEEEEK! (insert Psycho music here)

I adjusted the pattern to 48 sts with a DK yarn, and my “Snow on the Mountain” version turned out absolutely lovely:

Snow on the Mountain Socks

Pattern: Fire on the Mountain by Julie Sprague
Yarn: SandnesGarn Peer Gynt, White; Twillings of Stamford Freedom Spirit, Air
Needles: 3.25mm DPNs

I haven’t knit the final Sock Madness pattern yet, but I will before next year’s competition.

The 52 Pair Plunge II challenge was successfully met with the completion of 5 more pairs of baby socks and 4 pairs of adult ones…

Americana Baby Socks Impish Baby Socks Garter Cuff Baby Socks Baby Falcon Toes Socks Wee Airman Baby Socks

My Kiilla Socks (yes, I changed the yarn):

Kiilla Socks

SuperMeida Socks:

SuperMeida Socks

My Cable Rib Socks:

Cable Rib Socks

And a pair of WendyKnits Cabletini Socks :

Cabletini Socks

My friend Elaine & her hubby over in Nebraska welcomed their new son Cpt. Adorable not too long ago who became the recipient of the majority of the wee baby socks and this Cowichan Baby Sweater:

Cowichan Baby Jacket Cowichan Baby Jacket - Back

Still waiting on a photo of Baby G in the jacket, Elaine ;).

My little Grand-Nephew is taking his sweet time making his appearance, but his shower was great fun. My contributions were the BSJ & Baby Huntsman Socks of last post and this:

Radiant Star Baby Blanket

Because every kid needs a binkie (preferably bulletproof).

Pattern: Radiant Star Afghan from The McCall’s Book of Afghans
Yarn: GAP Cotton Sweater (frogged), Taupe, Navy Blue, Olive Green
Hook: 4.5mm

The Zen Pullover has been done for a while:

Zen Pulllover

But I find it a bit snug in the body, so I intend on ripping back and reknitting the body on 8mm needles when I feel so inclined.

Wings of Horus is coming along nicely, I’ve finished the 4th clue and am well into the 5th one now:

Wings of Horus Shawl - Clue 4

Gorgeous. I can’t wait until I hit the 6th and final clue with all the beads :).

Onto the weddings…

My cousin Jeffrey and his lovely bride Susan were first to celebrate their nuptuals

Jeff's Wedding

and I did end up making them an afghan:

Lover's Knot Wedding Afghan

Pattern: Lover’s Knot Afghan by Lion Brand
Yarn: Phentex Worsted, Natural; Loops & Threads Impeccable Worsted, Chocolate
Needles: 6mm Addi Turbos

(I added 10 rows of garter stitch to bottom and top of afghan and an additional thick garter border of dark brown around the entire afghan.)

I believe I finished it with a day or two to spare before the wedding. We had a great time and even allowed ourselves to be photographed for posterity…

Them & Us My Clan

I think we clean up rather well :).

A week before my cousin Tessa’s wedding – my Aunt Kay (who is an amazing quilter btw) called up my mom and offered to fly us out to Victoria for the weekend so we could attend. Stunned, that Friday found yours truly (on a plane for the first time in about 16yrs) with her mom on her way to British Columbia and a stay in one of the oldest, most elegant hotels in the country – The Empress.

Empress Hotel

We had a wonderful weekend catching up with family that we hadn’t seen in literally decades and wandering around downtown Victoria.

Mom w/Totem Pole

Tessa’s gown was one that had been passed down in Kay’s family – first worn almost 100yrs to the day of the wedding. She looked every inch the Edwardian bride:

Tessa's Wedding 1 Tessa's Wedding 2

Absolutely beautiful.

As you can well imagine, less than a week is not much notice for someone like me who always makes her gifts. Thankfully, after a panicked phonecall to my aunt in BC and finding out that not only is Tessa’s favorite colour blue, but that she is also a knitter, I decided that I could manage a set of thick woolen placemats:

Debbie Bliss Placemats

Pattern: Placemats by Debbie Bliss (from her knitting magazine, premier issue)
Yarn: Chinook Carded Pure Virgin Australian Wool, Royal Blue (504)
Needles: 12mm River John Swing Needles

Tessa and her hubby are also expecting their first child pretty soon – so I have some more baby knitting to do!

A lovely fibery souvenier also followed me home from this trip:

Qiviuk Scarf Kit

Oh, but yes. Qiviuq. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (ahem.)

Never in a million years did I think that the teasing of my Uncle Dan that if he was going to the Yukon, he’d better darn well bring me back some qiviut would be taken seriously.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all my family in BC – Danny & I hope to come visit really soon.

Wedding #3 of my other cousin Connor (Jeff’s brother) to his charming Annalynn was a couple of weeks later.

(Unfortunately, this time I forgot my camera and cannot regale you with photos.)

What I can share with you is their gift:

A Touch of Elegance Pillow 1 A Touch of Elegance Pillow - back

Pattern: Delft Pillow by Eunny Jang (Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2008)
Yarn: Cascade 220, Charcoal Heather (4002); Naturally “Perendale” (DK, 8-ply), Cream (col. 64)
Needles: 3.75mm 32″ Addi Turbos

I really cut it close on this one – it was still slightly damp when it was wrapped.

Other wedding news: my sister and her fiance Danny (yes, it does get a little confusing) have set a date for next year. They just moved in together and have adopted a wee fluffy puppy named “Roxy” who my mom assures me is a little angel. Robin – I want a photo of the cuteness!

Well, I think that is more than enough for today.

Tomorrow (before we head to my mom & dad’s for Thanksgiving dinner) I’ll update you on the projects I’ve finished recently, what I’m currently working on, the progress of my 2009 Sampler Afghan, some yarn pr0n and perhaps have a free pattern available for download.

A demain mes amies.

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  1. Sheez, you’ve been busy!
    Glad to have you blogging again.

  2. Great catch up post. Don’t go for so long next time, it won’t be as much effort!

  3. AMAZING knits!!

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