It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to…

Just got home from a fantastic dinner with BadgerDan at our favorite local restaurant (& a stopover at the Chapters bookstore).

My birthday gift?

MP3 player

It’s a Samsung S2 Digital Audio Player, aka “The Pebble”. Now if we can just fool the software into thinking that I’m running Windows instead of Linux, I’m all set.

As for what I’ve been up to these last couple of weeks – hooboy.

Where do I start?

How about some FOs?

My February Lady Sweater is done:

February Lady Sweater Done

and it fits like a dream:

FLS Modelled

It’s knit out of “the good stuff” – 2 balls of Noro Kureyon (col. 150) and 5 balls of Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Tweed (col. 120). The buttons are mother of pearl, natural side out. I think this is the nicest sweater I’ve made to date.

Hot off the needles today is my Hemlock Ring Blanket:

Hemlock Ring Blanket

The result of much late night lace knitting, ripping out and redoing on larger needles – OMG soooooo worth it though.

Some small stuff:

The first pair of the promised “oodles of baby socks” to an online friend of mine who found out over the Christmas holidays that the IV was successful and is finally pregnant with her first child. YAY!!!! (Elaine – expect socks – lots of ’em!)

Rainbow Baby Socks

There are definitely more where those came from!

Baby sock yarn

A rather whimsical hat came off the needles one day – I call it “Booberry“:

Booberry Hat

The pattern is Candied Plums by Kathy Zimmermann (Knitter’s Magazine, Winter 2008 ) done in Estelle Woolly Bully, Ocean

I had some leftover yarn to use up so I gave it a try. Not my favorite, gotta say. It’s blue. It’s a hat. It functions. It might get frogged back and re-knit – we’ll see.

The January Mid-Month KAL Dishcloth is done:

Diamond Sampler Cloth

I love me a sampler cloth, don’t you?

Okay – those are all the FOs, now a slight detour into the garden towards the frog pond…

The Scarlet Aran Scarf just wasn’t happening so riiiiiiiiip. I don’t think I’m in a scarf knitting mood at the moment. Will revisit at a later date.

and sadly… the Serendipity Stole (aka MS4) has also succumbed to the pond. Many factors fueled this decision, but mostly it was due to assessing the yarn and not thinking that it could hold up in the long run. I’ll probably end up using it for stockings, as they wear out anyway. Beads, I can always reuse.

Speaking of beads:

My Beaded Mystery Socks are almost done, here they are at the end of Clue 3:

Beaded Mystery Socks - Clue 3

I plan on getting these done over the weekend.

I also started another pair of socks using the Coupling pattern by Deb Barnhill from the 2007 Summer Knitty and some oddballs:

Stash Coupling Socks

(Note: I’m only doing the lace pattern on the leg of these ones – the feet will be plain stockingette.)

As a little birthday gift to myself, I signed up for the Mystic Star Shawl KAL. (I will have the whole collection – oh, yes – they will be mine – muahahaha!)

I won’t start on it until I get the other “Mystics” done first though. After Mystic Waters, Mystic Meadows is next in the queue.

If you haven’t noticed – I’ve been trying to get the old UFOs finished up before starting on too many new projects. I overdid it a little last year with the lace and want to reign myself in a bit. I have been planning though…

Lace Knitting Yarn

Top Row: Mystic Meadows, Goddess Knits Halloween Mystery 08, Mystic Ice
Bottom Row: Mystic Star, Mystic Waters, Tessa Shawl (Shetland Faroese Shawl)

I’ve been working a row here and there on the two shawls in progress and hope to get more time in on them now that some of the bigger projects are off the needles.

I still have one other “largish” project to finish up – my Austermann Abotanicity Sweater – which needs about another 10 lace repeats on the skirt and then the ribbed sleeves. Should be done before Spring, I think.

Which is good – because I really want to start on this:


Right now, I’m currently standing at only 6 projects OTN and frankly this productivity is making me a bit jumpy.

Hey, at least its progress…

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  1. Wow, that’s a ton of great work!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I am in awe of all the work you have completed/started/worked on. You are my inspiration. And I thank you for that!


  3. Lots of wonderful FO’s! I especially love the February Lady Sweater. It looks great on you.

  4. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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