Yule (b)Log

It is the Winter Solstice and my Family and I bid you a Happy Yule!

Blessed Yule

In keeping with my regular holiday gift giving tradition – I have forgone most commercial gifts with handmade ones. As there are only a few days left before our annual family get-togethers and relatively low risk of discovery by the recipients, I will share them here with you.

(For brevity’s sake – I’ve linked to my pattern notes in Ravelry, but most info I’ve listed in the Flickr descriptions too if you can’t access them.)

Slippers Galore:

Muppet Slippers for MIL

Muppet Slippers for my Mother in Law – aren’t they hilarious?

Cabled Slippers for Dad

Chunky Cabled Slippers for my Dad

Armchair Army Slippers

Armchair Army Slippers for my brother

Slipper Socks for Sis

and a pair these slipper socks for my sister too.


Comfy FIL Socks - 1 Comfy FIL Socks - 3

My Father-in-Law loves my socks, so he is receiving this comfy pair – stash busting at it’s best.

Mom's Kneesocks

My mom requested kneesocks. After I got over the initial shock, I went out and picked up a couple of balls of Paton’s Stretch Socks from the local Michael’s. You see, mom is *allergic* to wool and can only tolerate it at levels under 50%, rendering my rather large stash of sock wool useless (more for me, but I digress). This is the only gift that I actually had to buy yarn for this year.

Mom is also getting these Fancypants Fingerless Mitts as it gets pretty cold in her office:

Fancypants Fingerless Mitts - 1 Fancypants Fingerless Mitts - 2


Hell's Kitchen Hat

Rockin’ hot hat for my brother that I call “Hell’s Kitchen“.

Cabled Ribby Hat

A ribbed and cabled toque for Dad. (And for heaven’s sake – it’s pronounced “2”k! whatever the silly people over at Webster’s think.)

I’ve also recreated my favorite totebag for my sister, which I sincerely hope that she likes:

Robin's Retro Totebag

If she doesn’t like this retro embroidered bag I think I might just steal it back from her.

Dad is also getting this Aran Isle Wallet:

Aran Isle Wallet

Made from the slightly modified cabled uppers of the pair of Aran Isle slippers that I ripped out in frustration after completing just one of them. I swear I’ve made sweaters with less shaping than these bloody things.

Some ornaments for the Grandnieces:

Itty Bitty Elf Hat & Stocking - 1

Which I liked so much, that I made us a set too!

Itty Bitty Elf Hat & Stocking - 2

You may note the distict absence of gifts for BadgerDan.

Reasons: (A) He is more computer savvy than I am and (B) I’m still frantically trying to finish off his last gift while he’s asleep.

I’ll post them in a few days – I promise.

As for the big snowstorm that hit us on Friday – here’s how it looked outside our building:

Snowstorm 1 Snowstorm 2

I love Canada.

May you all be warm, safe and covered in handknits this holiday season.

(Happy Hanukkah to all our friends of the Jewish faith too!)

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