Life’s little ups and downs.

Sigh. Let’s just call this a pseudo-weekly blog, shall we?

The lace plan seems to be working, albeit at a very slow pace.

Mystic Waters - Clue 3 Complete

I finally finished Clue 3 on Mystic Waters.

And am halfway through Clue 4 on Casablanca:

Casablanca Shawl - Clue 4, Row 198 Complete

This was the large “2-week” clue, so I feel no remorse in having to take a wee break in the middle.

The Fabel Zen socks are well on their way (these are for BadgerDan, BTW):

Fabel Zen Socks - Sock #1 Leg

Ended up going with a flap heel and 2×2 ribbing for the entire leg. So far so good.

I started another pair of socks that I’m knitting along with Silver Pheonix:

Wyvern Socks - Sock #1 Toe

These are Wyvern Socks by Marnie MacLean that I’m knitting out of Lang Yarns Jawoll Colour (#82-0198). I’m going with the largest size on 2.25mm needles due to gauge.

(David’s rethinking his yarn choice at the moment – so I’ve stopped at 1 repeat after the toe.)

The Tiger Clapotis has gotten a little attention:

Tiger Clapotis - 3 repeats into Section 3

Not much, but it is progress.

In lieu of dishcloths this week, I give you the Crochet Block of the Month for August:

Lacy Sun Square

Pattern: Lacy Sun by Dayna Audirsch
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 014 Dijon, 005 Raven
Hook: 5mm

Wanted to do this square in the solid colour, but ran out of yarn. I goofed and changed colours in the wrong spot – but wasn’t going to pull it back again.

I’ve been annoyed with how the Airy Cabled V-Neck Pullover was turning out – so yesterday, I frogged it and immediately turned it into a crocheted bag:

Crocheted Keyhole Tote Bag

I used the Recycled Beach Bag pattern by Candi Jensen (from Crochet Bags!) with the yarn held doubled throughout. Only thing I did was double the size of the base.

It’s perfect and currently houses the Sensational Cabled Cardigan in progress with room to spare! (Methinks I need a few more of these bags…)

There’s still a bunch of the yarn left over that I might just use up on my Log Cabin Blanket.

Look what arrived at my door last week!

Blooddrop Package

My perfume order from Blooddrop SQUEE! Astrid’s scents are amazing! (She also does stunningly gorgeous custom-made corsets that BadgerDan may just have to buy for me – I adore this one.)

I’ve passed a few of the scents that didn’t work on me along to some very happy friends. These are the ones that I kept and absolutely LOVE!:

Frida (I’m wearing this one today 🙂 )
Lady Poppycock’s Peculiar Tincture of Questionable Origins
Mrs. Mary Picklelee’s Uproarious Bottled Bouquet For the Bitter and Bored Widow
Merci #9 (this one makes me smell like sugar cookies 🙂 )

You can find a list of all her scents here. Enter at your own risk.

On a personal note – we lost a very good friend on Sunday.

BadgerDan and George had been friends and colleagues for over 20yrs, including a memorable 2 month contract in Astana, Kazakstan where they endured sub-zero temperatures (it was November/December in fricking SIBERIA!), mystery food (“meat” – no further specifications), and some rather interesting accommodations (they were housed in a former brothel, which the prior tenants had just been ousted). Needless to say – many, many stories abound from this trip.

He was 65 and suffered from a miriad of heart issues to which he finally succumbed.

Goodbye George – we’ll miss you.

Please note: As soon as I upgrade my Flickr account, I’ll be fixing up the side bar. In the meantime, you can visit my Ravelry project page for up to date info. Thanks!


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A Lace Battle Plan

Yesterday, I took stock of all my lace projects and devised a plan for working on them.

I have *4 Mystery Shawls OTN at the moment, all of which are around the Clue 3 completion level:

Mystic Waters

Mystic Waters


Casablanca Shawl

Goddess Knits Anniversary

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl

and what I worked on today:

Slow Bee II

Slow Bee II - Side 1, Clue 3

Here’s some close-ups:

Slow Bee II, Side 1, Clue 3 (Centre Closeup) Slow Bee II - Side 1, Clue 3 (Edge Closeup)

(The Slow Bee II is knit from the centre outwards and mine measures around 36″ wide.)

(* Technically I have 5 Mystery KAL shawls on the go, but the Mystery Lace Shawl is officially on hold due to some health and other issues.)

Also OTN is my Shetland Faroese Shawl (Tessa’s Shawl by Lynda Illingsworth) which is a long-term project anyway:

Shetland Faroese Shawl

What I’ve decided to do is work one clue on each mystery KAL shawl, then go on to the next until they’re all at the same level. Some of them are longer than others so it should keep me interested and hopefully will mean faster completion. I’ll then allow myself to start some new lace projects.

I hope to have at least the Goddess Knits shawl (it’s only 5 clues long) done before Mystery Stole 4 begins.

Wish me luck.

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Due Diligence

As promised – here’s what has been keeping me from y’all for the past two weeks.

Let’s start with some sweaters:

Sensational Cabled Cardigan - Right Front complete

The back and right front pieces are now done on the Sensational Cabled Cardigan. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

On a whim, I started another sweater that has been on my list for a while.

Cabled V-Neck Pullover Pattern

Yes, it’s from the 80s but I like it anyway – so there. I’m using recycled yarn from another thriftstore handknit sweater – an acrylic/wool blend (which I don’t use very often), but I loved the colour.

Airy Cabled V-Neck Pullover - Front 80% Complete

Bad photo, but you get the idea.


Whitby Socks - Complete Whitby Socks - Done

I finished the Whitby Socks this morning. Sooo cushy – I can’t wait til Fall.

These are my 21st pair of 2008, the 8th pair for the 52 Pair Plunge II and the 5th pair for the Summer of Socks.

I started some plain “Zen” socks in some Garnstudio Fabel yarn, colour 518 from the stash:

Fabel Zen Socks - Sock #1 Toe

72 stitch toe-up on 2mm needles and I’m still not sure what kind of heel I’m going to use.


Last week was spent catching up on some lace knitting…

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl - Clue 3 Complete

Clue 3 is now done on my Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl.

(It was also featured in WOYNW #40 on Lime & Violet’s Daily Chum blog – thank you Kit!)

And Secret of Bad Nauheim is DONE!!!!!!

Secret of Bad Nauheim Stole - Complete

OMG – did that border take a while to knit, but SOOOOO worth it.

Final measurements came out to 24″ x 82″ (I’m glad I went with the small version!)

As many of you know, Mystery Stole 4 is now in sign up mode – so those of you who missed out last year, what are you waiting for?

Here’s what I’m going to be using for mine:

Mystery Stole 4 Yarn and Beads

It’s a 2-ply heathered olive green lambswool from an old cardigan which I’ll be knitting directly from the sweater pieces (you might recognize this from my Slow Bee II Swatch). Beads are #8 Miyuki (457) Bronze.

It’s going to be GORGEOUS.

Speaking of which – I picked up Susan Pandorf’s (the genius designer behind the Arabian Nights/Moroccan Days Shawl) newest scarf patterns in her Garden Variety Collection:

Hydrangea Scarf



Iris Scarf


(both available from her website here.)

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Now – I share with you the fate of my Arabian Nights Shawl. It has been frogged. I will make it at a later date, but right now it is just far too involved for me to work on at the moment. Good news is that the yarn and beads will work PERFECTLY for the Iris scarf.

Now, how about some KAL dishcloths?

The weeklies:

Grid Pattern Dishcloth

Pattern: Grid Pattern Dishcloth by Cheap Knitting Patterns
Yarn: Georga 100% Cotton, Green Multi
Needles: 5mm

I knit this as written, just added a hanging loop.

Lattice Facecloth

Pattern: Lattice Facecloth by Monica Miller
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Stripes, Tie Dye
Needles: 5mm

I made my cloth smaller (only 25 sts) than the original and again, added a crocheted hang tab.

The monthly:

Summer Breeze Cloth

Pattern: Summer Breeze by Sue Schaefer of Harvest Moon Designs
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Sage Green
Needles: 3.25mm

The mid-month cloth for July. I knit this on smaller needles and added a pattern repeat making it perfectly square. (The patterns are only available to members of the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo Group, but you can join the group here, if you’re interested.)

I even managed to work on my Log Cabin Blanket (it’s been cool for the last few days).

Log Cabin Blanket - Side Panel 2 Begun

Unfortunately, no yarn pr0n – but I do have pattern pr0n!

Vintage Mary Maxim Sweater Patterns

You should have seen my face when I found a 5″ thick STACK of original 1950s Mary Maxim “Cowichan Style” sweater patterns at the local Value Village. After carefully going through all of them, I whittled myself down to the 11 in the above photo. In a fluke, the cashier sold all of them to me for $2.50. I felt like that chick from that Ikea commercial on my way to the car.

In a fit of pique, I coloured my hair:

My new hair colour Hair Colour - 2

I love it!

(Yes, that’s me. I figured if my “sunstroke” photo is in Vogue Knitting, I should show you what I look like on a really good day. I don’t usually photo that well.)

In other news:

My very talented friend SilverPheonix is having a contest on his new blog – go give him a visit, you could win stuff!

My sidebar is overdue for an facelift – so please bear with me if it looks like a dog’s breakfast for a little while. Codemonkey, I am not.

Whew! Told you it would be a big one. That’ll teach me to be a wee bit more diligent.


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The things you discover when you least expect them…

A funny thing happened when I was at the laundromat the other day. I was perusing the latest issue of Vogue Knitting…

I'm in Vogue Knitting


(That’s me on the left in the brown shirt near the top of the group photo on page 22)

Suffice it to say, I think they could hear me SQUEE from space – I just about died of shock.

Then, on my way to the local bead store (I needed some for MS4 – more on that later) something told me I had to go to the antique store on the next street over. Lately, I’ve been following my hunches – so I went. I had this weird feeling that they had a spinning wheel in the basement before I even got there. I looked around the main floor where I found some faboo knitting magazines from the 1930s:

Vintage Knitting Magazines

and then went downstairs where this was quite literally waiting for me:

Antique Walking Wheel

A walking or “great” wheel circa 1830-1850.

Weird #1 – I knew it was there.
Weird #2 – It’s from the Lindsay, Ontario area where my maternal Grandfather was born, grew up and died.
Weird #3 – I’ve always had a feeling that I should be spinning with a walking wheel due to the way my hands naturally want to draw (left-handed, single-hand draw) which in itself is odd as I’m right-handed.
Weird #4 – It was on sale for 30% off and I COULD AFFORD IT!!!!

I went home (after the bead store) in a bit of a daze and relayed the story to my friends over on Plurk – most of whom said “um, you are buying it – right???” My main concern was how to break it to BadgerDan – because, frankly, this baby is HUGE and we’re moving soon. It took me a few days to work up the guts to run it by him and he surprised the heck out of me by being quite supportive – far be it for him to argue with the Universe.

Today, my loving husband brought this home for me (in the pouring rain):

The Walking Wheel Come Home

Told ya she was big. And other than a repairable crack and needing new string – perfectly functional.


(I’ll do a big project update for you guys tomorrow – I promise. TTFN)

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