Falling down the rabbit hole…

I discovered Plurk the other day and now I’m hooked. Totally unrelated to my catching up on the Lime and Violet podcasts – not!

Other things I’ve been catching up on:

Slow Bee II Shawl - Clue 2, Side 1 Complete

Here’s my Slow Bee 2 Shawl completed to Clue 2 (first side). Will be working on Clue 3 later today.

Casablanca Shawl - Clue 3 Complete

Clue 3 is done on my Casablanca shawl. Lordy, how I love this project! I did goof a little by forgetting to increase at the end of Clue 2, but as long as I repeat the same thing on the way down, there’s real no harm done to the pattern. (I increased at the end of Clue 3 – so now am back to the proper stitch count.)

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl - clue 2 done

I managed to get another clue done on my Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl. I followed chart B for clue 2.

If you haven’t noticed, I am TRYING to keep up to date with my shawl KALs – falling a little behind, but making an effort.

Log Cabin Blanket - First Side Panel Complete

The first side panel is now done on my Log Cabin Blanket. Just the second panel mirroring the first and then a border. If all goes well the final measurements will be about 42″ x 58″ or so.

Here’s last week’s KAL dishcloth (another one destined for my MIL):

Centre Squares Cloth

Pattern: Center Squares by Chris Laning
Yarn: Patons Cotton Top, #6416; Peaches and Cream, Shaded Pastels
Needles: 3.5mm DPNs

Those pastels are just creepy to me. Not a bad pattern – a bit fiddly to start, but pretty easy once you get going.

Magical Mystery Tour Socks

I’ve finished the leg of the first of my “Magical Mystery Tour” socks with some minor alterations:

Veering a little from the pattern, I omitted one leg stripe and replacing it with a cuff of the same length for consistency. Picking up the same number of stitches for the original cuff, I proceeded to work a row of (p5, p2tog) to reduce the stitch count to 72, knitted the next row plain then did 2×2 ribbing until the cuff measured 2″. I think it works.

What didn’t work was the rest of my colour scheme for the sock which had me ripping out all my work today. It looked like a train wreck. Methinks I’ll do the second leg and then re-assess the situation.

Oh, and the name:

MMT Album Cover

Any questions? (Some neat info on the album can be found here, if you’re interested.) BTW – I don’t even own this one. Totally weird that I latched onto it.

On the homefront – the fridge is on its last legs (it’s been slowly leaking freon, killing our produce and darned near us). We’re limping it until the weekend when we take delivery on a NEW refrigerator and range (yay! – no more psycho stove!) We love our new landlords – they rock. They’re going to completely gut and renovate the apartment when we finally move to BC (it’s still in the works, hopefully things’ll clear soon), so they said it’s the least they could do for us in the meantime.

I think it’s effected poor Tomi’s tummy because hasn’t been feeling at all well today.

My lethargic little man

Everyone, send some lovin’ his way.

Later, dudes! I’ve got some plurking to do…

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