Experiencing Technical Difficulties

[First off – a happy Independence Day to our American brethren]

Yet again, I find myself with two weeks worth of projects to fill you in on. This is not wholly my fault as I was about to post last Friday when suddenly the wireless connection dropped off of my laptop and BadgerDan wasn’t able to get it back up until Tuesday, at which time I then had to source out a new USB cord for my camera as my retractable one broke. Ahh, technology – gotta love it.

So here I am, back in business with photos to spare.

Some socks:

Simple S'mores Socks - Complete Simple S'mores Socks - Done

The Simple S’mores Socks are finally done!!! My first pair qualifying for Summer of Socks 2008. They’re also my 17th pair of the year and the 4th pair for the 52 Pair Plunge II. They were also a reminder of why I generally don’t do “plain” socks – too easy for me to goof up on. The second sock ended up with fewer stitches than the first one – whoops! Oh well, at least they fit.

New England Socks - Sock 1 New England Socks - Sock 1 Complete

I finished the first New England Sock and love the result. I shortened the pattern by 1 leg repeat and changed the toe to a shortened standard one as the original instep pattern ran a bit long for my foot. So much for finishing them before July đŸ™‚ .

Odds & Sods Socks

Believe it or not, this is going to become a leg of a sock. Odds ‘n Sods socks (by Tricia Weatherston) which is the final round pattern from Sock Madness 2 to be precise. The leg is done in a mitred knitting technique and the foot and rolled cuff are picked up and knit normally. I am SO glad I got knocked out before this pattern came up! Kind of fun though. A great excuse to use up some really LOUD rainbow yarn from my sock stash.

The shawl report:

Casablanca Shawl - Clue 1 redo

I realized that I just couldn’t live with my Casablanca Shawl in the purple alpaca, so I reknit it in my original yarn – a brown/red 3-ply cotton/ramie blend frogged from a sweater – on smaller 3.5mm needles. So much happier – look how the beads play nice now.

Casablanca Shawl - bead closeup

Clue 2 is done and I can’t tell you how much fun this is to knit! The clues are not too big and are really easy to follow. I may just be able to keep up with this one!

Casablanca Shawl - Clue 2

The Slow Bee II Shawl is around halfway through Clue 2 and I’ll post a picture when it’s done. I’ve decided that since I’m knitting it on my 14″ Brittany Straight needles, that completing one whole side of the stole and then the other will be the way to go. [Note to BadgerDan – need KnitPicks Option needles, hint hint]

I’ve been trudging away on my Secret of Bad Nauheim Stole and have finally managed to complete Clue 5:

Secret of Bad Nauheim - Clue 5 Complete

Just one 20 round Clue to go – they are over 800 stitches each though.

Mystic Meadows stalled out halfway through Clue 1, and I finally figured out why. It really wanted to be made out of the Aubergine alpaca originally chosen for it. So it was frogged and now patiently waits in the project queue for later this year. I want to get some other UFOs cleared up first.

Last week’s KAL cloth:

Sea Flower Cloth

Turned out really nice this time – I’m calling it “Sea Flower”. Here are the specs:

Pattern: Round Dishcloth by Amy Carpenter
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Country Stripes, Sage Green, Shades of Green); SR Kertzer Coolspun Cotton, White
Needles: 4mm

I used the 15 stitch option and used up some stash leftovers.

In the bag:

Keyhole Carpet Bag

Calling this one my “Keyhole Carpet Bag”. The pattern is the Hero bag by Jane Ellison from Mirasol Collection, Book 2. I used up some old stash yarn for this one, Fiamattino Musa (which I’ve discovered is now marketed under the name “Sitar” from Nashua). I used approximately five 50g balls (held double throughout) in the “Earth” colourway.

Keyhole Carpet Bag - Liner

The lining is some olive green arctic fleece (recycled from an old hat) and instead of sewing up the sides, I just single crocheted it together – so much simpler.

Whatcha think?

And just to show you how much my brain has turned to mush, this is all I’ve been wanting to work on for the last couple of days:

Log Cabin Blanket - 1st Brown Side Panel done

Yep, my Log Cabin Blanket. Garter stitch is all I’ve been able to manage as of late.

In other news – Celtic Memory finally received her Canadian Care Package in the mail! She blogs about it here. She also has some other serious yarn pr0n in this post – go forth and drool.

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