I am proud to be a Canadian

Maple Leaf

Today to celebrate my Nation’s 141st birthday (not to mention the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, the 150th anniversary of the founding of British Columbia and the 250th anniversary of the establishment of representative government in Nova Scotia, the first democracy in what we now call “Canada”), I would like to share with you a poem that I’ve carried with me for years from a scroll that I found at a thift store entitled:

“I am proud to be a Canadian”

Because of the beauty of our land; the majesty of the mountains; the far horizons of the prairies; the sweep of the shorelines; the abundance of the farm lands; the sparkle of ten thousand lakes and rivers … even the forbidding barrens of the North.

Because of the rich diversity of our people. We are not a melting pot, but a unique union of minorities; each of us proud of his origins but prouder still to be a Canadian.

Because we are a multilingual country; two basic languages and – woven through the fabric, and enriching it – the sound of other tongues, all united in praise of “the true North, strong and free.”

Because our country was not born in nor does it live in violence. We harbour no hate, we covet no territory, we envy no other people.

Because our heritage confers such bounty. Our laws and our traditions have been built on faith in God and man, on an unflagging love of freedom, and on respect for the rights of others. Our physical resources have not yet been fully contemplated much less measured.

Because in Canada the operative word is Tomorrow, not yesterday. Our greatness rests not only in our history but in our future. Our destiny has yet to be fashioned.

Because my pride in Canada does not cause me to respect other nations or peoples less. I am a Canadian, yes; I am also a citizen of the Planet Earth and a brother of every other man.

(author unknown)

BadgerDan and I wish you all a very happy Canada Day!!!!

Maple Leaf 2

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  1. I love this poem. Did you write it?

    Have a great day in our Canada!!!

  2. I have the same scroll hanging in my home. I also found it in a thrift shop…. trying to find out who wrote this wonderful poem!

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