I may just have a problem…

4 days later… I know I said “tomorrow” in the last post, but I just wasn’t able to get into a writing state of mind.

Anyhoo, here’s how my WWKIP day went in a nutshell (no pictures 😦 – see last post):

– Wished good luck to Heather and Wendy at Unwind (they were having a HUGE sale)
– Caught the bus into Toronto and started work on Simple S’mores Sock #2 (1.5 hour ride).
– Took TTC to Queen Street West and stopped in at Americo. (unfortunately they were out of what I was looking for, {handspun silk}, will try next time).
– Walked a couple of blocks to Romni where again I couldn’t find what I was looking for {Fiddlesticks “Cosy Scarves” Pattern} (they were out too, dang it).
– Made a beeline over to the festivities at Lettuce Knit where I came upon Stephanie playing with some dry ice.
– Sought out Rachel H (armed with her “Clipboard of Power”) to sign in for 1000 Knitters Project.
– Drooled around the store and bought some sock yarn and a copy of Cookie A’s “Twisted Flower” pattern.

Yarn from Lettuce Knit

Thats STR Lightweight in “Smoky Blue” (gorgeous) and 2 hanks of Art Yarns Ultramerino 4.

– Met, knit on the sock and hung out with a wonderful bunch of knitters including Stephanie, Rachel, Ken, Juno, Denny and a whole bunch more whose names unfortunately have escaped me. Said “hi” to Amy Singer, although didn’t talk to her much. Took a bunch of photos including the requisite sock w/Harlot shot.
– Was introduced to Franklin and sat for my picture. We had a nice chat while I knit on the 1000 Knitter scarf and he snapped away. I have to say, bar none, that Frank is one of the nicest and most darling men I have ever met. I had a couple of great shots of Franklin (including one where he wrapped himself in my Halloween Mystery Shawl in imitation of his grandmother arriving at Ellis Island – killing myself for erasing that one!).
– There were door prizes being handed out – this is what I won:

Bambino Sock Yarn

Cameleon Colourworks handdyed Bambino Sock Yarn (Wool/Bamboo) in Lavender/Gold. Not my colours, but it’s going to become a pair that the Lovely Fiona is going to flip over.
– I have never seen such a parade of cupcakes and muffins (most homemade)! Too bad I couldn’t eat any :(.
– Around 4pm, went back to Romni to rummage in the basement for a while and happily came out with these:

Romni Basement Finds

a ball of Regia Canadian Colour (4743 – name? anyone know it?) and a ball of Brown Sheep Wildfoote (SY-09 Mums).

– Walked back to Lettuce Knit where things were wrapping up (quite literally – everyone left posed for a photo with the scarf around us on the steps of the shop). Sun/heat was beginning to bother me a bit.
– Went back to Queen West, got a wrap from a cafe selling Gluten Free food (kewl!) and hopped on the streetcar heading to Islington (was meeting BadgerDan at some friends in Etobicoke where we were staying over). A surprisingly nice ride if you’re ever wanting to blow an hour or so sightseeing in Toronto. Takes you all along Lakeshore and by some REALLY expensive houses.
– Caught the Islington bus to the station where I promptly got on the Casino (Woodbine) bus by mistake instead of the Northbound. Was at Woodbine Center before I figured out what was going on – oops! Got off and grabbed the next bus heading in the opposite direction. Was totally not feeling great by then – too much time in the sun.
– Finally made it to our friend’s apartment around 8:30 or so where BadgerDan was dead asleep on the couch (long day for him too). He had made ribs and the smell just put me over the edge. Tossed my cookies, then headed for the spare room where I slept through until morning. (We’re pretty sure I had a touch of sunstroke – felt much better when I woke up.)
– BadgerDan drove me to Finch where I caught the bus back home so I could make it to work at noon.

Well that’s pretty much how that weekend went.

Here’s some of what I picked up at the Unwind sale:

UYH - Sale Yarn

There are plans for those 2 balls of Noro Kureyon Sock – Colour 150 is going to become a pair of Rivendell socks and 188 will become Nancy Bush’s Chalet Socks.

The other one is Araucania Ranco Multy in blue/brown.

I also brought home some adorable Sweaterkits sheep buttons (which might be made into magnets):

SweaterKits Sheep Buttons

(My sheep are brown not white like in the photo.) How can you not grin at those?

A sweater’s worth of dark green Nature wool and the remaining 2 hanks of Misti Alpaca Handpainted Lace (“a thousand lakes”) that I needed for the Slow Bee shawl also came home along with a replacement set of 2.75 Pony Pearl DPNs (I gave away my previous set of Boye’s because they were driving me nuts).

Arriving last Monday:

Lana Grossa Sock Yarn

My order from Red Bird Knits of some sale Lana Grossa Meilenweit: Two in One 8501 (Teal) and Marmi 7001 (Brown) which the husbeast has already claimed.

Arriving this Monday (aka yesterday):

The Eclectic Sole

Squee!!!! Rivendell socks can now be made. Just a note – Janel is also the designer behind the Chameleon Colorworks SotM Club which gave birth to the book.

I’ve been dealing with some serious startitis over the last few days:

Woven Basket Cloth

Pattern: Woven Basket Stitch Dishcloth by Chris Silker
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Hot Blue/Somerset
Needles: 5.5mm
Hook: 5mm

I was using up leftovers for this cloth. Did the centre 4″ square as per pattern and then improvised a crocheted border around in contrast. Not my favorite – my MIL will like it though. This was the KAL cloth I missed doing a couple of weeks ago.

New England Socks

These are New England by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road in Araucania Ranco Multy (Peacock) done Magic Loop on 2mm 32″ Addis for the May/June 2008 KOTR KAL. I would like to finish them before July…

Friday was the release of Clue 1 for both the Casablanca Mystery Shawl KAL:

Casablanca Shawl - Clue 1 Done Casablanca Shawl - Clue 1 closeup

(I changed out the beads to some cognac A/B #6s and am much happier than with the teal. Using 4.5mm needles and am pretty pleased with the results.)

AND the Slow Bee II Mystery Shawl KAL:

Slow Bee 2 Shawl - Clue 1, Side 1 Complete Slow Bee 2 Shawl - Clue 1, Side 1 Closeup

I still have to undo the provisional cast on to do the second half of Clue 1, but already I’m in love with this shawl. It’s actually knit on 3.5mm 10″ Brittany Straight needles and transferred to circs for the photo. Fiddly, but fantastic!

My Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl finally got underway:

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl - Clue 1 done

Clue 1 is done (I went with Chart B for this clue) and Clue 2 should be done before the week is out (probably going to choose Chart B for this one too).

This morning, I did some design work which has, lets just say it, been driving me completely bananas the last week or so. Mixing cables can do that to you – arghhhh!

So, coming across a bag pattern among the scattered graph paper, I immediately grabbed yarn and needles and cast on some stress relief knitting:

Keyhole Carpet Bag

I’m beginning to think that this case of Startitis might become terminal.


Fickle Finger of Fate

I am such a bonehead. I accidently erased ALL of my WWKIP Day photos. You ever have one of those moments? The sudden realization “Oh No!” alarm bells going off in your head a split second after you do something? Yep, that was me yesterday. Bonehead. Sigh.

Oh well, I do have a bunch of other stuff to share and I’ll get back to how WWKIP day went a little bit later.

I’ve worked through and completed a few things during my hiatus:

Woven Cable Eyelet Socks - Complete Woven Cable Eyelet Socks - Done

The Woven Cable Eyelet Socks are done.

Neptune's Worksocks Neptune's Worksocks - Done

I call these “Neptune’s Worksocks”. They belong to BadgerDan and are made out of some Lopi-style self-striping wool that I found on clearance (Sean Sheep Armytage, Blue/Green/Light Blue, 2 balls).

Neptune's Worksocks - Close-up

The pattern is a slightly altered version of Nancy Bush’s “Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern” from Knitting Vintage Socks done on 3.25mm DPNs, adjusted for gauge to 48 sts, cuff from 2×1 to 2×2 rib, with a stockingette foot and standard toe. This was the KVS KAL choice for May/June and I already had made a pair for myself a couple of years ago.

They unfortunately don’t look like the photos anymore as they felted in his workboots after one day. (And he wonders why I don’t knit him socks out of the GOOD yarn.) He still really likes them though.

This brings my current 52 Pair Plunge II tally up to 3 and 16 pairs for 2008. Not bad.

Simple S'mores Socks - Sock #2

And Simple S’mores Sock #2 is well on its way to bringing the tally up to 4 and 17.

I swatched for the Slow Bee Mystery II Shawl (which started today):

Slow Bee Mystery II Swatch

I used 3mm needles, 2-ply Lambswool from a frogged 2nd hand cardigan in heathered olive green and gold-lined brown #8 glass Miyuki beads (same as my Halloween Shawl). Worried about yardage, I went stash diving and found some more of the mushroom Misti Alpaca which will show beads well. Will use that for the shawl on 3.5mm needles.

The Casablanca KAL also begins today and after much deliberation and yarn issues, a final decision was made to use the Aubergine Alpaca that I received from Celtic Memory with teal #8 A/B (aurora borealis for those going “hunh?”) glass Miyuki beads, with additional dangling beads to be added later as trim. I had originally planned to use it for my Mystic Meadow Shawl (completely stalled at the moment at Clue 1), but as you know, I changed my mind.

This is what I’ve been working on instead of the shawls (and completed yesterday):

Frock Camisole

I knit myself a pretty cotton frock. :1)

It’s the Frock Camisole from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits by Katie Himmelberg out of one big ball of Georga Cotton (340g) in a colour called “Swizzle”. Yes, it’s dishcloth cotton – but I don’t care! I got a cool tank top knit in 3 days for about $7 with leftover yarn to boot. Just to jazz things up a bit, I added an elongated twist cable up the front instead of the purl column – much nicer.

Frock Camisole, closeup

Gotta love an easy pattern.

Speaking of dishcloths, I whipped off a couple this morning:

Lacy Waterfall Dishcloth

Pattern: Lacy Waterfall by Jamie Monaghan
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Key Lime Pie
Needles: 4mm

I shortened the pattern by 12 sts and was thoroughly surprised it came out perfectly square. Used up a leftover half-ball and only had a metre or 2 left after BO. Couldn’t have planned it better. This was the 2008 June Mid-Month KAL of the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and again, no link for the pattern – sorry.

Papillon Dishcloth

Pattern: Papillon Cloth by SmarieK Knits
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Somerset
Needles: 4mm

Dudes, how pretty is this cloth! I adore it and it was so easy to whip off. Great pattern.

I’m behind on last week’s cloth, but am not too worried about it.

Hmmm. This post is getting a little long. (Haven’t posted in over a week – go figure!) I think I’ll call it a day and update you tomorrow on last week’s WWKIP trip to Toronto along with a whole smackload of yarn pr0n (ahhh – the wallet weeps, but the heart is content).


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A little perspective

Boy, is it hot – there, I said it. Global warming has definitely made it’s appearance in Ontario this past week. Thank heavens for our little air conditioner or our tiny apartment would be an oven!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so let me catch you up:

A couple of lace swatches…

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl Swatch Mystic Meadows Swatch

The first one is for the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl KAL which starts this Saturday (WWKIP Day – remember!) out of Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca 2-ply Lace (Mushroom) which I’ll be using in conjuction with their gorgeous Handpainted Lace in “Seattle“. This one is a circular Pi-shaped shawl. When I run out of Seattle, I’ll change over to Mushroom on the next round.

The second swatch is for the Mystic Meadows Shawl KAL, which began a week ago and I have managed to get to Row 56 of Clue 1. This one is taking a bit longer to knit for some reason. I was originally going to use the Aubergine Alpaca from Celtic Memory for this shawl, but decided at the last minute to change over to some 2-ply Shetland wool that I frogged from a second-hand Marks & Spencer sweater due to the perfect heathered meadow colours. That, and it blocks like iron. I’ll save the alpaca for a future project.

Mystic Meadows - Row 16 Mystic Meadows - Row 56

Clue 2 was released today. Hopefully I can catch myself up. With all my recent sock knitting, I’m a little out of practice!

Secret of Bad Nauheim has stalled a bit. I have only 15 rounds left on the border – but at over 800 stitches per round and growing, it takes a while.

Speaking of socks, I’ve finished my first qualifying pair for the 52 Pair Plunge II (and my 14th pair of the year).

Beaded Gypsy Dancing Socks (w/shawl)

My “Pele’s Party Socks” have been re-dubbed “Beaded Gypsy Dancing Socks” – aren’t they fun?

Beaded Gypsy Dancing Socks -  Complete

Pattern: Godmother’s Socks By Deborah Swift of MountainMom Designs (Round 6 Pattern for Sock Madness 2)
Yarn: Koigu KPM Handdyed Semi-Solids, Colour 1110 (50g skein – 160m); Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock, Origin Colourway (32g)
Needles: 2.25mm KnitPicks Circs, 2.75mm DPNs for cuff
Beads: #6 glass beads in various coordinating colours – used 1mm crochet hook to apply.

I’m also halfway through the Optional Round Pattern – “Woven Cable Eyelet Socks” by Technoknitter:

Woven Cable Eyelet Socks

Yes, they are loud and I like them that way! Using up some old DGB Confetti Superwash (Col. 193) that has been screaming at me for awhile, but couldn’t find the right pattern for.

Woven Cable Eyelet Socks top Woven Cable Eyelet Socks - Cables

I altered the pattern slightly using a stockingette toe, sole, a flap heel (using the heel instructions from the Diamante Sock pattern by Deb Barnhill on Knitty modified to accommodate the smaller stitch count) and smaller needles than called for (2.25mm for foot/heel, 2.5mm for leg and gusset).

In knitting these two-at-a-time together, I ran into some major needle issues as I do not as yet have any 40″ circulars. Suffice it to say, they have now been separated onto their own individual circular and I have some 40″ lengths on order. What a nightmare.

Weekly KAL dishcloths:

Banana Waffle Cloth (Front) Banana Waffle Cloth (Back)

Pattern: Waffle Texture Ensemble by Maile Mauch
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Banana Yellow
Needles: 3.25mm

Sorry about the photo quality, but the texture wasn’t coming through. Both the front and back are really nice. I had a very long tail left from the cast-on, so I crocheted a little hanging loop.

Baby Fern Dishcloth

Pattern: Baby Fern Pattern Dishcloth by Vaunda Rae Giberson
Needles: 3.25mm
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Stripes, Tie Dye Stripes

I used smaller needles, added two additional rows to the top and bottom border and eliminated 3 stitches in the main pattern to balance it out. All in all, very happy with the result.

Another square for the Sampler Afghan:

Lacy Granny Square

Pattern: Lacy Granny by Dayna Audirsch
Hook: 5mm
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 016 – Thyme, 005 – Raven

This is the CAL square for June. One more filler square and my 2008 Sampler Afghan will be at the halfway point and so will 2008. Incredible. Where does the time go?

Some Yarn Pr0n for ya:

Regia Kaffe Fassett and Liza Sock Yarns Norwegian Wool

Scored on a recent trip to Needles and Knits in Aurora. In order from L-R, we have:

Regia Kaffe Fassett Sock Yarn – Landscape Twilight (just a single ball, I have a perfect mixer solid in my stash)
Liza Sock Yarn – this is a one-of-a-kind handpaint by Elizabeth who works at the store. Stunning colours and really good yardage (462yds/422.5m)

Found in the discount room:

Selbu Husflidsgarn – Heathered Dark Grey, 100g/210m, Sport/DK (destined for BadgerDan socks)
Naturegarn no. 1, 50g/55m, Lopi-Style Chunky, Col. 754 (another stripe or two for the Lopi Blanket)

Autumnal knitting preparation:

Kimono Jacket Yarn

I finally decided on a substitute yarn to use for the cover Kimono Jacket from Freedom Spirit and Wool Book 456 (my primary reason for purchasing the book). Not that I have anything against Freedom Spirit – I love it – I just wanted something a little different. Going with Auracania Nature Wool Worsted – this is a light worsted wool that will knit down to a DK or up to a Worsted so I think it should work just fine. I plan on doing the main body of the sweater in the lime green and the borders/trim in the dark brown. It’s going to look great.

Yes – I do knit the occasional sweater. For a while now I’ve been telling myself and others that I’m not really a sweater knitter. The other day, I stopped and actually counted how many sweaters I’ve made in my knitting career. Eight sweaters in under 5 years with 2 more currently on the needles. Um, let’s just say, my tune has changed a bit.

Perspective is everything.

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