When the exhaustion finally catches up

There is nothing like a knitting competition to royally mess with your sleep cycle.

Before Round 3 Pattern for Sock Madness was released, I did manage to finish my April CAL Afghan Square:

Chocolate Delight Square

Pattern: Chocolate Delight by Dayna Audirsch
Hook: 5mm
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool (007 – Cocoa, 005 – Raven)

I also managed to throw a batch of cornbread for BadgerDan into the oven – for which he was very surprised and grateful. He loves my baking.

Enter the Knitathon – after 20 hours:

Bayou Sunset sock #1

Sock #1 was complete.

After 52 hours:

Bayou Sunset Socks - Complete

I had a pair.

The pattern is Slippin’ Stripin’ Socks by Christine (Tina) Lorin and I ended up doing them on 2.25mm needles.

I’m calling these “Bayou Sunset” because the colours remind me of the final rays of the sun as seen reflected off of the water through the shadows of Spanish Moss-covered Weeping Willows. Okay, maybe I’ve read one too many Anne Rice novels.

BadgerDan got the title immediately – granted, we do read the same books. :1)

I’m glad I pushed myself on this pair – I came in 6th out of 12 in the Tennessee Twisted Knitters division. Next round, there are only 6 places. Yikes!

Finished another dishcloth – only 3 behind now:

A Little Lace Kitchen Cloth

Pattern: A Little Lace Kitchen Cloth by Carol Bristol Designs
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Swimming Pool
Needles: 4mm

I love this colour – must get more.

It’s been an rather odd week, peppered with intermittent nap attacks and bizarre shopping excursions.

Let me relate to you the Great Toaster Conspiracy of 2008.

Our toaster oven kicked the bucket, so we decided to replace it with a regular toaster. No problem – I thought. Ha Ha.

– Picked up a nice Procter-Silex model from the local Walmart and brought it home. Put bread in it, but the lever wouldn’t stay down – hence, it wouldn’t toast.
– Brought it back, got a new one. Same problem.
– Called Procter-Silex – it should work.
– Brought 2nd one back to store and got a different toaster altogether. Same problem – WTH is going on?
– BadgerDan suggests perhaps our bread is the problem. Shouldn’t a toaster work with ANY bread? I mean, really! You put the bread in, push the button down, it toasts the bread and then pops the bread out. Where’s the problem? BadgerDan returns 3rd toaster to store.
– Decided to live without toaster, as apparently they don’t make a gluten-free model.

DH was moving a 400lb welder Monday and popped his knee so he wasn’t going anywhere yesterday. (He’s fine now, just a little sore.) This meant, I had access to the van and could pay a rare visit to Gemini Fibres in Mount Albert.

Ahh, so much woolly goodness, so little time…

After weeping over the beauty (and prices) of the Forrester spindles, I grabbed a couple of books, see if you can spot a theme:

The Dyer's Garden Start Spinning

There was another little something I picked up as well, but I’ll share that when I can show you what it goes with.

I also forayed into the local Chapters this week and grabbed their last copy of this:

Compassionate Knitting

I am totally making the Padma Jacket (the top left corner of cover).

After a little bit more running around yesterday – I pretty much collapsed in a heap on the couch for the rest of the night.

The kitchen and the laundry need a bit of tending to before Stitch n’ Bitch tonight, so I’d better get going. (Not that DH is getting home early tonight. His luck continues, just called – the van has a flat.)

That and the second sock beckoning me to the darkside:

Carnivale du Printemps - 65%

This pair is taking WAY too long to complete. I want them DONE! Arrgghhhh. Must be the accursed pink – yeah, that’s it.

The specs for Sock Madness, Round 4 are up and the pattern will be released early Monday morning. I’m off to go rummage a bit in the stash (and ignore the laundry – I mean, who needs underwear?)


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