Spring has sprung…

…the grass is frozen and the birds are wondering what the heck is going on. However, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day (as long as you don’t look at the thermometer – eek! I’m glad I’m a knitter.)

Happy Ostara everyone!

(Ha! Just learned that little trick! See? I can figure these things out.)

As I mentioned last post, I had planned on working on my Garter Stitch Jacket and Arabian Nights Stole on Wednesday and Thursday. I did, only I did not progress as far as I wanted to.

I am just shy of completing the first sleeve on the Garter Stitch Jacket:

Garter Stitch Jacket - Sleeve 1

The beads slowed me down a little on Arabian Nights and embarrassingly I only got a few more rows in:

Arabian Nights Stole - Chart A, Row 13

Friday was the release of Clue 1 of the Secret of Bad Nauheim KAL. Moni* has made the pattern adjustable – letting us choose whether we wanted a rectangle or square shawl. I thought to myself “hey, I haven’t done a square one yet! I’ll cast on for that!” and dutifully did so. I was at the beginning of Row 3 of the pattern when I spread out the stitches on my 47″ Addis. Whoa! I grabbed the nearest tape measure. The centre square alone (without the border) would come out to over 5′ square – yikes! Um, needless to say, I’m going to re-start the shawl with the rectangle directions.

* her website is completely in German.

To make myself feel a bit better, I crocheted a couple more filler squares for my 2008 Sampler Afghan:

Pinwheel Square

Pattern: Pinwheel Square by Dayna Audirsch
Hook: 5mm
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 531 Sprout & 005 Raven

Love, love, love this colour. Must find a sweater to make out of it. Also definitely going to make some dishcloths using the centre motif.

Drop in the Bucket Square

Pattern: Drop in the Bucket Square by Janie Herrin (you have to scroll down – the pattern is near the bottom of the list)
Hook; 5mm
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 015 Putty & 005 Raven

This one was mostly treble crochet and quite fun to do.

Last night, wanting to catch up a little on my Weekly Dishcloth KAL (I’m about 7 cloths behind), I whipped off a Log Cabin dishcloth out of some of my scrap kitchen cotton.

Log Cabin Dishcloth

Pattern: Log Cabin Dishcloth by Mary Anne Dinsmore
Needles: 4mm straights and DPNs (for applied i-cord border)

The applied i-cord border is what I eventually want to use for my Log Cabin Afghan and it was good practice as I haven’t attempted it in a good long while.

Speaking of my Log Cabin Afghan – the Harvest Gold section is done! I’ve already started on the first Chocolate side strip.

Log Cabin Blanket - Harvest Gold Done

(Note to self: need longer than 29″ 5mm circular needles…)

Wishing you all loads of happiness and chocolate this holiday weekend…

Easter Bunny Painting Eggs

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