Tracking UFOs in the Rain

It is just cold, wet and miserable weather around here. Best to stay inside with a large chocolate-mint latte and blog a little.

Brightening my day, my VVS CAL prize arrived in the mail this afternoon (thank you Lorraine!!):

Crocheted Bags! by Candi Jensen

Ooohhh the possibilities! I’ve fallen in love with about 5 of the bags already.

In the manic knitting of last week, I forgot to mention that I received my etsy stitch marker order from Rae of Light (who also does really pretty jewellery) which included a lovely surprise…

Crystal Balls and Dragonflies

Dragonflies!! Thanks Karen!

I had a heck of a time getting a picture of these until I figured out that trying to photograph crystal with a flash is just plain silly. I ended up putting them on the windowsill and thankfully it worked.

The tiger’s eye/crystal balls have both the lobster claw AND needle loop so I can use them either way – what a great idea.

The Carnivale du Printemps Socks have undergone a bit of transformation:

Carnivale du Printemps socks - 3rd rpt

The cuff has now been re-knit in a dark purple heather on 2mm needles and looks much better. I’ve decided to do the entire foot in the purple so I can make the leg as long as I want without worrying about yardage. If they get finished before the next Sock Madness round (I hope), they will be my 8th pair of the year.

I’ve gotten a bit further on my Log Cabin Blanket due to the fact my fuzzy brain could only handle worsted weight garter stitch after my self-imposed knit-a-thon:

Log Cabin Blanket

I’ve split the remaining olive green and chocolate brown yarn into 2 even amounts of both. After the harvest gold is finished, I’m going to do a stripe of chocolate brown down both sides, a small border stripe (the same width as around the centre square) of dark brown and then the olive green. At that point I’ll figure out how big I need to make the final border around the entire blanket and then do an applied i-cord around that.

It’s gonna look cool and since it’s entirely out of acrylic (some of which most likely pre-dates me), it will probably outlast modern civilization. Yep, just my blanket, the cockroaches and Keith Richards :1)

Taking stock of my UFOs, here’s what’s currently on my needles/hook and their status (in no particular order):

Carnivale du Printemps Socks – see above

Simple S’mores Socks – in my purse, this is my travel project

Garter Stitch Jacket – just needs the sleeves (working on this tomorrow)

Austermann Abotanicity Sweater – have to rip back 2 rows, finish the skirt and sleeves

Shetland Faroese Shawl – main pattern begun, still have a ways to go

Mystic Waters Shawl – 4 rows into Clue 3 (shelved until summer)

Arabian Nights Shawl – 6 rows into Chart A (working on this Thursday)

Mystic Light Shawl – Swatch done, KAL begins March 26th (next Wednesday)

Secret of Bad Nauheim Shawl – Swatch done, KAL begins March 21st (on Friday)

Log Cabin Blanket – see above

Vintage Vertical Stripe Afghan – 45 stripes done, need to source more Lopi yarn

Juggling this lot should be fun… TTFN.

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  1. Cute log cabin blanket! I really want to make the ruffled bag from the cover of that book you have. Candi Jensen patterns in general are so fun.

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