Got Knitting?

Lots has happened around here in the past couple of weeks – oh, where to start?

How about some socks?

Tea on the Sea Socks (done) Tea on the Sea Socks (completed)

Tea on the Sea socks are done!!! That makes 4 pair for the year. Loving the Lorna’s – I gotta say.

Simple S'mores Socks (toe top) Simple S'mores Socks (toe side)

And as I can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to socks, I ripped back the Simple S’mores socks to try out a couple of new techniques (for me). I re-started with a whirlpool toe from Cat Bordhi’s book and will be trying my hand at some afterthought heels (the scrap yarn/pull out version – I adore EZ, but am not up to cutting my socks just yet). This way, I can have a super-simple purse sock project and still learn something along the way (not to mention, get as much sock as I can out of this yarn). This is such a cool yarn – too bad it’s discontinued.

Nordic Grey Socks

I’m calling this pair “Nordic Grey”.

I was rummaging in my “chunky wool” suitcase the other day and came out with some leftover Lamb’s Pride Bulky Superwash that I was given a couple of summers ago. There were partial balls of Grey and Dark Charcoal Heathers and a full ball of Alabaster. Nothing else is superwash – what to do? Now follow this logic:

“What do I use superwash for?” “Socks.” “But it’s chunky.” “It’ll knit down – try it. Besides, you’ve been staring at that fair isle sock book for a while.” “Hey, that might just work!”

So, I pull out my copy of Sock Hop: Socks to Make Your Feet Dance by Joseph Madl, grabbed my kitchen scale, divvied up the yarn into even lots for socks and dug out my 3.25mm DPNs. I used the charts for the “Colour Your Own” socks (in essence) and used Cat Bordhi’s standard toe-up toe and a short row heel. I knocked this baby out in about 5 hours of fiddling.

BadgerDan took one look at the sock and immediately claimed it as his own. He is SO lucky that we have the same size feet (his are a half-inch longer than mine).

A little stress relief knitting – Dishclothes!

Diagonal Owl Dishcloth Two Fishies on a Cloth Be My Dishcloth

I joined a couple of dishcloth KALs on Ravelry because they are a bit of one-skein useful fun when I don’t want to work on any other project.

Dishcloth #1 – Diagonal Owl Dishcloth in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Stripes (Natural Stripe) on 5mm needles

Dishcloth #2 – Two Fishies on a Cloth (Harlequin Dishcloth) in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Ombre (Landscape) on 4.5mm needles

Dishcloth #3 – Be My Dishcloth in 4 strands of Pink, Coral and Peach Crochet Cotton Thread held together on 3.25mm needles. I added rows of moss stitch on the top and bottom to even out the cloth due to gauge discrepancy. (Danny’s Mom is getting this one – as previously stated, I don’t do pink.)

Log Cabin Blanket

Blanket-wise, I got a little more done on the Log Cabin Afghan.

I have to find a bit more Lopi for the Vintage Vertical Stripe Afghan, but look what I found in my search!

Homespun Equadorian Sweater

This baby is made of homespun wool from Equador (it looks great in the picture, but I assure you that it is an itch festival full of straw). I found one earlier and frogged it for the wool, never thinking I’d find another one. The blue is destined for the Lopi Blanket and the rest I’m going to use with the other homespun wool for a future project. (Oh and did I mention that I only paid $4.99 for each of these sweaters? Bless those who know not what they have…)

Some lacey goodness:

Shetland Lace Shawl - Border 2 done

Progress has been made on the Shetland Faroese shawl – the second border is now done and the main pattern begun. It decreases every RS row from here on out and I’m thrilled with how it’s looking.

Luna Moth Shawl - 50%

The first ball of Tilli Tomas Voile de la Mer for the Luna Moth Shawl is done. I’ve taken to calling it “the never ending ball of silk”. Looks nice though.

And guess what? I’ve joined ANOTHER lace KAL – the Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights Shawl by Sunflower Designs. It was too stunning to pass up and it has beads!!!! 5000 to be exact (I must be out of my mind…)

I’m using the Lisa Souza Laceweight in “Wild Things” I originally ordered for the Mystic Waters shawl – it’s perfect. I can’t wait to show you guys how pretty this one is turning out to be.

A few other exciting personal things are happening around here, but I’m waiting for a bit of material confirmation before I share it with y’all.

TTFN – I’m hoping to get a bit more frequent than twice monthly with my posting – I’m trying folks, really I am.

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  1. I’ll look forward to pictures…

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