Laments and Lovely Lace

I now have my computer back (DH updated my Linux from Fedora to Ubuntu for all you technogeeks out there) and it is now working much smoother. I was having trouble with what I call “Max Headroom” effects with my sound and video (it essentially stuttered and was driving me batty). Now if we could just figure out how to make TVU work on Linux, I might just be able to get my husband out of hibernation in the office. I swear, if there was a CPU in my vacuum cleaner the rugs might finally get some attention.

On the knitting front, I’ve finally finished my Halloween/Dracula’s Bride Shawl and love it (in spite of it’s difficult birth). Certainly not the easiest project I’ve ever done, but I’ve learned a lot from it – mostly patience with myself and my knitting.  Just because something is difficult doesn’t always mean that it’s not worth tackling – just look at the results:

Halloween Shawl - Complete

And just for the record – it’s pretty big (that’s a queen size bed y’all).

Also finally completed is the Swan Lake Stole (aka MS3) which took WAY longer than expected due to the fact that I chose to make the optional symmetrical version with lace panel insert instead of the wing. I wish I had blocked it with wires instead of pins, but all in all I’m pretty pleased with it.

Here’s a close up of the end:

Swan Lake Stole - End Closeup

One of the panel insert:

Swan Lake Stole - Panel Insert

And a really bad photo where I tried to get the whole thing in the shot:

Swan Lake Stole - Completed

Also to the delight of my now warm feet, my reward Thrum Socks are done:

Completed Thrum Socks

Oooooo Fuzzy!

I might sew on some leather bottoms (salvaged from some old moccasins) to make them a little more durable for around the apartment. But for now I’m just happy for my toasty toes.

Especially with the weather we’re expecting tomorrow – eek! According to the forecasters, Southern and Central Ontario is expecting the worst 1 day storm in 60 years – guess who has to work? Okay, okay, I live across the street from the shop but still – wouldn’t you rather be snuggled up in a comfy chair with a book and hot chocolate?

I picked up my Shetland Faroese Shawl (Tessa Shawl by Lynda Illingsworth) again after a bit of hiatus – I started it in the summer of 2006 and it’s one of my oldest UFOs. It is truly amazing how when you revisit an older project, how much you realize you’ve learned about your craft in the time elapsed.  With all the lace I’ve done this year, I’m kind of surprised at how non-intimidating this pattern now seems to me. I even understand why the yarn is behaving the way it does. The yarn is a 1-ply grey heathered cone wool which feels quite rough on the hands which I realize is probably spinning oil from the mill which will wash out thus rendering a nice soft finished object.  The pattern on the other hand is completely written out instead of charted, but once understood is pretty straightforward. Not only that, but after the final 681 stitch count of the  Halloween Shawl, 511 sts should be a walk in the park. This shawl is a bit different in construction, starting with the trim (84 repeats of a 12 row pattern which took me a year [off and on – mostly off] to finish) that you pick up 511 sts from along the edge and work up decreasing to the neck edge.  A nice change from having to slog along to the end. Here is Lynda’s photo of what it should look like at the end:

Tessa Shawl

It’s a free pattern from her website that you can get from the link posted above. She does some lovely work, check out her gallery.

So far, I’ve done to the first line of small leaves (see the triple rows in the photo?) above the bottom border and am taking my time.  I figure it’s taken me this long, there’s no rush.  Besides, I’m a full 7 clues behind on my Mystic Waters and want to have it mostly done before the Spring Surprise Shawl KAL and the Secret of Bad Nauheim Stole KAL start up.

Once I get a little further along I’ll post some close ups.  TTFN.

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  1. Holy crap, all that lace is just stunning! O_o I love the imagery in the first shawl!

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