Fall Clean-up

A lot has been happening lately so blogging kind of got shoved to the wayside. My digital camera had a stroke and has to be repaired, so the next few entries will be unfortunately light on the home photos.

BadgerDan took most of the last two weeks off so we’ve taken the time to do some work around the apartment and do a bit of a “clean sweep”.

In the past week alone:

  • 4 loads to the local Goodwill
  • 1 load to the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
  • 1 load to the local Recycling Centre
  • 1 load of scrap lumber to the local dump (2 trips – it was closed the first time)
  • Built and installed closet shelving in office
  • Built and installed counter/shelf in kitchen
  • Re-organized bathroom, bookshelves, closets, yarn storage, needlework storage, shoe storage and pottery collection
  • Put up new curtains in living room
  • Lots of home cooking

I can’t believe how many hidden cat toys we found!

The trips to the Recycling Centre and the dump really drove home to me how much waste North Americans create. I wasn’t shocked so much as dismayed. If we all just looked at items in a slightly more creative way, I believe that most of what I saw on the rubbish heap could have been repaired or made into something useful for another family. Newer, faster, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Just because we don’t use it anymore doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t. I’ve always been a crafter and a thrift store junkie so maybe my view is different from most, but darn it – when will we learn?

On the knitting front:

Completed the Autumn Shawl, now known as the Lughnasadh Shawl. This is me hiding behind the shawl – photo taken by the lovely Fiona. I am thrilled with how it came out – blocked out a dream!

Autumn Shawl

Completed 3 swatch dishcloths for the Arctic Lace KAL.

Arctic Lace Dishcloths

These will probably be future gifts with some handmade organic soaps.

Completed up to Row 158 of Clue 3 for the Halloween Mystery Shawl and hope to have it completed before Halloween. The picture shows the shawl completed to the end of Clue 2.

Halloween Shawl - Clue 2 Complete

With all the lace knitting that I’ve been motoring on lately, my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has flared up so I’m really having to take breaks between rows.

I completed the back of the Minimalist Cardigan. I think the push to finish this is what triggered my CTS. No picture as this is when my camera bought it.

The mate to Danny’s Fancy Sock is underway and completed to mid-leg. This is the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. It is done in ONline Supersocke 100 Sierra Color, #890.

Danny's Fancy Socks
Yesterday, I cast on for my Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket and can’t believe that I goofed it up. The instructions as written are mistakenly for stockingette stitch on swing needles. In my trying to be clever, my way of making it garter stitch turned into alternating 2 row stockingette/reverse stockingette. You ever try to rip back mohair? Ain’t gonna happen. It will be fine as long as I stay in pattern. Sometimes the easiest things throw you for a loop – grrrrr! This is what it will hopefully look something like when I’m done.

Garter Stitch Jacket

I’ve joined a few MORE new lace KAL groups.

The Mystic Waters KAL starts on Wednesday and as my yarn for this project is on order, I am forced to wait to begin. This is a good thing as I want to finish my Halloween Shawl first. The yarn (Lisa Souza “Wild Things” laceweight) should be here in a couple of weeks. This KAL is for a triangular shawl in 8 parts which should be much more manageable than 5.

Spring Shawl Suprice (read “Surprise”) and Secret of Bad Nauheim (sequel to Secret of Crysopolis) don’t start until next year so I can play a bit of catch up on other projects.

I also finished Going Gently earlier this week – I highly recommend it, a lovely book.
As Samhain gets closer, I get busier so blogging may continue to be sporadic, but I’ll try to keep up.


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